About Us

My entire life I have been drawn to classic Americana.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, old neon, signs, billiards, music posters, and original art.  I have spent the last 30 years buying, selling, and collecting.  Honestly,  I have mostly hoarded things but I’m not afraid to sell them anymore.  I hope to eventually include more of these items for sale on this site.  I probably have more posters to sell than anything.  For now I am going to put some of my photos up for sale. I was fortunate to have spent 3 years in my youth traveling with Stevie Ray Vaughan.  My father owned a camera shop in Dallas.  He gave me a Yashica 124G, a medium format camera, to take on the road with me.  I took a lot of photographs. Over the years I have granted the rights for use of these photos to a few books, magazines, TV shows featuring Stevie, and record labels.  I have sometimes seen copies of my pictures for sale on other sites, or published without permission.  I figured I would make them for sale myself.